Warranty Conditions

1. For the tools and machines of PROMA CZ, a 24 or 36 month warranty from the date of sale (prove by the properly completed warranty card) is provided according to the tools or machine series.
A 36-month warranty applies to the FERM and PROMA brands.
A 24-month warranty applies to the products of FLORIN, TELWIN, ABAC, BOHLER, EARLEX, and FERM Economy brands.

2. The warranty does not apply to defects caused by inexpert handling, overloading, use of incorrect accessories or inappropriate working tools, intervention of an unauthorised person, natural wear and tear or damage during transport.

3. When applying the claims for a warranty repair, it is necessary to present the warranty card, which is valid only when it is filled with the date of sale, the serial number (the series number), the stamp of the corresponding shop, and the signature of the seller, who confirms the proper demonstration and explanation of the product functions.

4. Apply the complaint at the seller, where you bought the tool or machine, possibly send it in the assembled condition to the repair shop. The seller is obliged to fill the warranty card (date of sale, serial or series number, shop stamp, and signature). All this data must be recorded immediately during purchase.

5. The warranty period is extended by the time, for which the tool or machine is in the warranty repair. If the defect is found not to be falling into the warranty during the repair, the costs related to the performance of the servicing technician and the machine transport are paid by the machine or tool owner.
Send the machines or tools to the repair shop with the inserted warranty card, best in the original box, which we recommend keeping in a good shape for these purposes.

The warranty is void in these cases:

- The product was not delivered cleaned in the original packaging with a properly completed warranty card.
- The data in the warranty card does not match the data on the machine label.
- The product is used in conflict with the operating manual.
- The defect was caused by an inexpert intervention into the product.
- The product was mechanically damaged due to the user (e.g. pollution, ignoring the lubrication schedule,…..)
- It is a natural wear and tear of the product.
- It is a regular maintenance of the product (e.g. cleaning, lubrication, adjustment)
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